Autumn in Sweden

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Last year, and fulfilling a lifelong dream, I came to study in Sweden. I left everything I knew and, with fear but with resolve, I took the step and came to do my master’s degree in a country with a different culture and language. So far the experience has been one of the best I’ve had in my life and not only have I met incredible people from all over the world, but I have had the opportunity to experience a thousand things that were previously only in my dreams; like the seasons, which in my beautiful Colombia do not exist, and they are a wonderful thing!

I arrived at the end of August at Umeå, the largest city in northern Sweden, which is very close to the North Pole … I thought I was going to freeze when I arrive, but I didn’t count that August is the end of summer here, and that the temperature in fact was higher than that of Bogotá when I left. After the last days of warmth and nightly light (it got dark after 8pm), autumn began to come in and that’s where my experience with the seasons really began.

In an outing with a couple of my new friends to Lake Nydala, one of the lakes in Umeå, in October, I took the last photos of the fall of last year. Enjoy.

Eva, the Greek with a constant smile.

Niina, the pure-hearted Finn.

Wild lingonberries. Here in Sweden it is very common to go to the forest and pick berries of all colors, as long as they are in season.

They were two of my three first friends in Umeå.

Autumnal afternoon on the lake making new friends of the local fauna.

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